Are Two Better Than One?

Homeowners in Alaska almost always opt for two separate sinks when renovating their primary bath.  That makes a lot of sense given the fact that most everyone is extremely busy, and on most days more than one person will need access to their primary bath vanity at the same time.  However, double sinks may not be the best option for all bathrooms, especially those where space is at a premium.  What’s best for your dream bath?

When Alaska homeowners opt for double sinks in their primary bath, they receive dedicated space that they can call their own.  There’s space on one side for makeup, nail polish remover, cosmetics, multiple brushes, etc. and on the other side shaving cream, razors, and other similar items and there are few opportunities that personal grooming items travel from one sink to the second sink.  Double sinks add order and privacy to the primary bath.

Space is the key challenge to installing double sinks.  If there is sufficient room, the decision is a no-brainer.  The minimum amount of space needed is at least six feet.  This will allow for sufficient space between two sinks to prevent users from bumping into one another.

Storage is another consideration for homeowners in Anchorage. Double sinks require space underneath each sink for plumbing supply and waste lines.  Double sinks also limit the amount of available countertop space.

The Case For Single Sinks

When space is a premium, a single sink may make sense.  To create privacy areas, we will specify for many Alaska homeowners two faucets in a single sink, often placed at opposite ends of the sink area.

Pedestal sinks are another option for smaller primary baths.  We address some homeowners space challenges by specifying two pedestal sinks for the primary bath providing the privacy that they want within a smaller footprint.  

Pedestal sinks also help to maximize storage areas because the plumbing is concealed in the back of the pedestal.  

Single sinks also provide for more countertop space which provides the space most homeowners in Alaska need for their grooming aids.

How many sinks would be ideal for your primary bath?  Give us a call at (907)561-9299 or make an appointment to visit us at 122 W. 92nd Avenue in Anchorage, and let’s develop a plan for your dream bathroom.



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