Silestone’s Sunlit Days

Silestone introduced its first carbon neutral collection Sunlit Days. The collection, inspired by nature and the Mediterranean, offers five hues: Faro White, Cincel Grey, Ancilla Red, Cala Blue and Posidonia Green. The new collection can be used for countertops, backsplashes and wall

Faro White represents the white of the Mediterranean and its sun-drenched walls, symbolising purity, simplicity and serenity. Inspired by the lighthouses that point the way for ships, this color is also characterised by a silky, smooth texture.

Cincel Grey is a fine-grained, silky grey, a shade that performs at its best when bathed in light. It is neutral and versatile, balanced between warm and cool.

Arcilla Red is an earthy red shade that makes you fall in love, tastes like wine and smells of petrichor. Its soft texture blends harmoniously with its beauty.

Cala Blue is a deep and sophisticated blue color that vibrates with the rest of the elements that surround it. Its texture feels like the caress of the sea.

The treasure of the Mediterranean Sea gives its name to this green color that conveys the beauty of the Posidonia Green. Energy, joy and nature come together in this proposal ready to surprise, ready to hypnotize. Its soft and delicate texture is complemented by this harmonious shade.

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The primary bath has been transformed from a functional room to brush teeth, bathe and prepare for the day to an in-home refuge where homeowners in Alaska can spend a few minutes all to themselves devoid of texts, tweets and even little feet to recharge and rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit by washing away the stresses of the day.

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Top Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

The number one reason why homeowners in Alaska decide to create a dream kitchen is that their existing kitchen does not work well or meet their needs. We frequently hear from homeowners that their kitchens don’t have enough storage capabilities, countertop space or cabinetry. Other common reasons are lack of maneuverability, appearance and poor ventilation.

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The Latest Kitchen Trends Make Life Easier

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the largest event of its kind in North America for kitchen and bath showrooms, designers, sales professionals and manufacturers. Featuring more than 600 exhibitors and attracting some 70,000 attendees, KBIS serves as the event for manufacturers to introduce new products and showcase trends that are likely to dominate kitchen, bath and home renovation for the months and years to come.

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