2022 Flooring Trends to Notice

Much like fashion, home styling changes each and every year. Of course, you always have your classic looks, but as technology continues to expand, more options become available to us. Last year, we saw an influx in natural styles such as driftwood colors and floor imperfections like knots. As we head into 2022, we encourage you to keep a lookout for these flooring trends!

Flooring options

Six 2022 Flooring Trends to Notice

#1: Distressed Wood

We can expect to see more and more people taking on a distressed wood look into their homes this year. Whether it is bleached, weathered, or reclaimed wood depends on the client. However, we expect that more homeowners will be taking part in choosing recycled materials as society continues to push for a more eco-friendly system.

#2: Vinyl or Laminate Flooring

In addition to being more eco-friendly, natural materials are more expensive and harder to come by than in previous years. Due to this, we anticipate that homeowners will choose alternatives such as vinyl and laminate flooring. Such options generally have many similar features as traditional wood, stone, or tile, but they often come at a cheaper price.

#3: Patterned Styling

Patterned flooring is becoming more popular in 2022. Given the vast array of flooring materials and colors, homeowners can create a unique flooring suited to their home design. Whether they go elegant or quirky is always enticing to witness!

#4: Hexagon Patterns

Hexagon patterns are on the rise! Homeowners utilize porcelain tile flooring to create spectacular hexagonal designs in their homes. Some choose monochrome patterns, while others utilize brighter colors.

#5: Black and White

Black and white flooring is coming back into style again! When did it start? The 15th century actually! Checkerboard flooring has been cataloged in European paintings and in Egyptian hieroglyphics. This flooring style was expensive centuries ago, so it was primarily used by royalty or other wealthy individuals. It was even used on the ground floor landing of the Queen’s Staircase at the Versailles palace in the late 1600s.

Now, you can be the king or queen of your own castle by utilizing this flooring style. We promise that the cost has become more affordable since the 1600s!

#6: ‘70’s Styles

Along with bellbottom jeans, ‘70’s styles are on the rise in home decorating! On one side, you have the more natural, bohemian style flooring that utilizes neutral colors to highlight the pops of color in the décor. On the other side, you can see vibrant flooring coming back, especially those green and orange color combinations.

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