The holidays are coming up quickly! Is your home ready for an onslaught of food, people, and merrymaking? Don’t worry if you aren’t quite done; you still have time to implement these hot holiday countertop décor designs!

Countertop Decorating Quick Tip

Before going crazy with decorating your countertops, we have a pro tip for you: kitchens are a hotspot for holiday activity, so leave plenty of space for food and people. Many homeowners get caught up in decorating and take up too much space. When big events occur, you need lots of room for various dishes to be reachable and space for people to set glasses and appetizer plates while they chat in the kitchen. Additionally, ensure a clean prep space is saved for those dishes that need final touches or have to cool before being served.

Hot Holiday Countertop Décor Designs

#1: Countertop Centerpiece

A classic holiday countertop decoration is to place a centerpiece right in the middle of an island or bar if you have one. The piece can be just about anything, from a garland dressed with little ornaments to a Santa Village.

#2: Minimalist Décor

If you have limited space or want to imbue a minimalist style into your design, you can keep it simple with a few small pieces. One simple idea is to have two or three clusters of ornaments on a doily; if you can have ornaments of different sizes to include each clutter, it provides an excellent play on dimensions. Another option would be to utilize small items like a clay elf, a metal reindeer, or a mini-Christmas tree.

#3: A Show Piece

Do you have one large holiday décor item that you simply love AND have the space to show off? If you have a large amount of countertop space, this is an excellent way to wow guests! We have seen everything from light-up signs to a 2-foot tree to an entire holiday scene played out with over a dozen pieces. Just make sure that it doesn’t take up all your space and is sturdy enough to stay sturdy even when jostled.

#4: Dishware and Napkins

You can use your holiday dishware and napkins as décor! Having them sitting out on displays is a delightful way to utilize their beauty while also making it easy for guests to grab one when they need it.

#5: Holiday Treats

Just like with your dishes and napkins, you can use your holiday treats as décor. If you took the time to bake adorable cookies, tiny cakes, or delightful candies, you could display them on holiday serving platters, in clear jars, or on a multi-tiered display plate to save space. Guests will “ooh” and “ahh” over your hard work while getting to munch on them.

Do you need more countertop space in your kitchen for the next holiday season? Give us a call today at Alaska Countertops to book an appointment with one of our designers.