Why Choose TopZero Sinks?

Stainless steel sinks come either top-mount or under-mount. At one time, top-mount (drop-in) sinks were the only game in town. When under-mount sinks first hit the consumer market, they were expensive and considered difficult to install.

A top-mount (drop-in) sink has a visible lip around its perimeter that rests flat on the countertop. The sink basin drops straight into the countertop cut-out, and the perimeter lip holds everything in place. Drop-ins are secured by hidden metal clips under the countertop as well as a bead of silicone caulk under the sink’s edge.

Under-mount sinks, on the other hand, mount to the bottom of the countertop and are held in place by heavy-duty clips and caulk or silicone. An under-mount sink does have a rim, but the rim is not visible because it rests up against the bottom of the counter. The edge of the countertop along the sink cutout is entirely exposed.

Upgrade your kitchen with an upgraded design!

TopZero Seamless Edge Sinks



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