Viva Magenta Is the Pantone Color of the Year

Viva Magenta is the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year that the New York Times describes as “a hue with a lust for life.  Not the aggressive synthetic of Barbie, not the intense luxury of Valentino couture, not the tired millennial salmon, but a saturated shade honking on the threshold of fuchsia, definitely not organic but not quite electric.”

Pantone describes Viva Magenta as “a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying and a boundary-less shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement.”  

How will Viva Magenta find its way into the new dream kitchens created by Alaska homeowners in 2023?  Viva Magenta makes a bold statement in their new kitchens or baths. While not a color that we would recommend for kitchen cabinets, the choice of such a bold, bright color is becoming more popular. White will frequently remain the color of choice for many homeowners in Anchorage, yet we find an equal number of those renovating their homes to gravitate toward colorful palettes ranging from bold and earthy tones such as burgundy, dusty blue, deep fuchsia, and khaki green to a new appreciation for neutral colors.

The desire for earth tones in a new dream kitchen is the desire to bring a sense of warmth to the kitchen.  We’ve seen increased demand for gold tones, blues and green shades.  Homeowners in Alaska have discovered multiple ways to incorporate color into their new kitchens even when opting for white cabinetry.  Brightly colored accent walls, gold-toned finished cabinet and appliance hardware and plumbing fixtures, art work, chair and bar stool fabrics, backsplashes and glassware provide numerous options to make a bold, colorful and distinct design statement that bring personality and warmth to any space.

How can you incorporate color into your new dream kitchen to provide warmth, energy, and design sophistication?  Give us a call at (907)561-9299 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 122 W. 92nd Avenue in Anchorage, and let us explore the rainbow of colors that can make our dream kitchen a reality.



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