When planning to update or remodel your home, friends or family may have cautioned you to avoid countertop installation during the winter months. Today, we are giving you the facts and realities of winter countertop installation and how you can install countertops even during winter.

Winter Installation Concerns

As this is likely your most pressing concern, we are going to cover it first. The primary issue when installing countertops in winter is the potential damage to your home or brand new countertop. 

First, when an expert is doing your install, they will have to transport materials and tools in and out of the house. During the winter, this can result in cold air coming into the home as well as water, mud, or ice being tracked in on the floors. 

Additionally, depending on your particular install, it may be necessary to turn off the water to prevent plumbing damage during the process. If the water gets turned off, it may result in pipes freezing. 

Second, some countertop materials are sensitive to extreme cold or moisture. Therefore, there is a risk that your brand new countertop could be damaged due to the weather. 

How to Prevent These Concerns

Our experts at Alaska Countertops take great care to speak with the homeowner in advance to ensure that we take every precaution to prevent damage. 

To prevent excess muck from being tracked in the house, you can help out your installers by leaving out extra rugs or plastic to catch tracked-in debris. Additionally, we recommend keeping every room door closed to prevent heat from escaping in excess. 

To prevent pipes from freezing, we recommend keeping the home warm during the install as well as turning off the lines only when necessary. For more information on your specific pipe preparation, please ask your installer.

Lastly, we at Alaska Countertops take every measure possible to ensure the safe transport of your countertop materials. If we do not believe that the material can be transported and installed without damage, we will advise you on how you can proceed. 

The Benefits of a Winter Install

There are two main benefits of a winter install: more time availability and lower prices.

First, you have the ability to pick your schedule more freely. Most homeowners aim to install in spring and summer, so installers generally have more time and flexibility to their schedule during the winter months.

Second, materials tend to be cheaper during the winter months as there is less demand. (Do keep in mind that the material shortage due to the pandemic could potentially negate this.) Therefore, there is a chance that you could get your materials and installation done at a lower price than what you could normally do in the summer.

Alaska Countertops

We believe in providing only top-quality service and trustworthy advice. If you have concerns about an install or are curious about our winter availability, please give us a call today for more information.