Are you tired of uniform kitchens, cookie-cutter workshops, or drab businesses? Do you want to spruce them up with a new look that will grab attention and make the workspace more enjoyable? By implementing one of these four creative countertop designs, you can create a unique space that is both functional and fun!

Unique countertop design

Unique Materials

The vast majority of countertops you see in homes, workshops, and restaurants are all made of the same few materials: granite, concrete, stainless steel, and Formica. One way to have a creative countertop design is to use a unique material. You could use a thick sheet of glass, poured epoxy, or a one of a kind slab of reclaimed wood. In addition, keep in mind that many materials can be modified in terms of color if you are looking for a specific décor element.

Going Green

Do you enjoy green living, and want to extend it into your countertop design? As technology continues to progress, engineers have developed methods to use recycled materials to create beautiful and functional countertops. Some of the options include recycled glass slabs, paper composites, recycled glass tiles, recycled aluminum, as well as FSC-certified wood, bamboo, or reclaimed wood. Not only will it look unique, but it will generate a discussion about how everyone can partake in green living.


The majority of countertops are rectangles with crisp lines and edges. You can add creativity to your countertop by designing a unique shape. Depending on the type of material that you use will determine the shapes available to you. For example, with granite countertops, you can choose a free form edge for a more natural look. You can also do a simple curve or add a shape of your own making!


When we are busy in the kitchen, laundry room, workshop, or other location where we use a countertop, any added convenience can make a world of difference in efficiency. When creating a creative countertop, we can work functionality into the design. For example, let’s say that you have a trash bin located in the cupboard under the countertops. You could have a removable piece of the countertop above the trash can. By doing so, you can easily remove the cut out when you are working so that you can quickly slide waste into the bin without having to hold the cupboard open. When you have completed the project, just put the piece back in! Easy peezy!

Are you ready to install a creative countertop design? Don’t wait! Call your local countertop installation specialist for a consultation and estimation today. You will be on the fast track to becoming the talk of the town with your unique countertop design that you will simply adore. 

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