5 Questions You Should Ask Your Countertop Specialist


Are you ready to install new countertops into your home or business? Countertops can be an expensive investment, so you want to make sure that you get it done correctly. Here are five questions you should ask your countertop specialist before installing new countertops. 



Beyond just asking for a generic cost estimate, make sure to go into the details. What is included with the cost? If you desire edging, polishing, and sealing of your countertops, be sure to ask about it. Some contractors include it in the overall price, others may offer it at an additional cost, and a few do not provide any of these services. Lastly, ask about remnants. If you bought the whole slab, you should get to keep the pieces left over at the end. Make sure that you get them! They can be used for later projects.



Getting a great price is one thing, but you also want to make sure that you are getting the type of material that you envision. Before choosing your specialist, ask about their product availability. Two additional questions you should ask are if they offer slab viewing and if you can select the slab layout. A slab viewing is when you get to examine the products beforehand and pick out your favorite slab. Slab layout is when you choose which pieces of the slab go where in your design so that you have full control over the look of your countertop. 



When choosing the material for your countertop, ask about the warranty on the material and repair services. Often, the countertop manufacturer will include a warranty ranging from months to years; this could cover staining, cracks, or other types of damage. Consult with your installation specialist to verify that the warranty is suitable for your project. As well, ask your installer about their repair services and costs in case your countertop does get damaged. 



Like with all trade companies, you want to verify that your choice of installers is legitimately accredited or certified within their field. An example would be that they hold an MIA Accreditation or something similar. By having this, it demonstrates that they are up to date and fully trained in quality craftsmanship. 



Along with your installers needing to be accredited, you want to ensure that their partners are also certified. Is someone going to be installing plumbing or electricity? If that is the case, ask who your specialist will be using and double-check their credentials. 
A brand-new countertop is just waiting for you to add a new flair to your home or business. Don’t wait another day to take action and contact your local countertop installation specialist for a quote.

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