Affordable Countertops: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Countertops are usually considered expensive, both for the materials and the installation, but they don’t have to be. There are a plethora of countertops available that are both affordable and can give you that updated, stylish look you desire. Don’t waste another day staring that your dingy, old countertops. Get the most bang for your buck with these affordable countertops today!


Laminate countertops have been well known for their affordability for years. While it is possible to get expensive laminate materials, for the most part, laminate is cheap. Laminate is essentially a thin sheet of material glued on top of medium-density fiberboard. 

With the modern technology of today and advanced printing techniques, laminate can be designed to look like stone or wood countertops. There are a variety of prints available, providing endless design possibilities for your countertops. 

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice from DIYers! Ceramic tiles are durable and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Many enjoy using cheap, plain ceramic tiles with more expensive, stylish tiles as accents or borders to create a fabulous look. Whether you decide to install it yourself or have a professional do it, you can have a unique countertop at an affordable price. 

Tile Granite

Buying large slabs of granite is expensive; there is no way around that. However, it is possible to buy granite tiles at a much more affordable rate. Granite tiles generally come in 12-inch or 16-inch squares that you can put in yourself or hire a professional to install. With tile granite, you will be able to style your countertops however you like. 


Having a wood countertop can be extremely cheap if you find the right one. Unlike stone and tiles that are created in factories, wood can be found just about anywhere. It can range drastically in price, especially if you are looking for custom work, but it is possible to get a wood countertop for $35 per square foot. 

If you love the hunt for good deals, check out your local wood artisans to see what they have available. If you find one that you like, all you need to do is have it professionally sealed with epoxy to keep the maintenance requirements low. 


In the age of sustainability, it is possible to help the planet by purchasing a recycled countertop. This is not to say that you are getting someone’s old countertop. It means that the countertop is made out of recycled glass, aluminum, or paper mixed with resin. It is more expensive than laminate, but not nearly the cost of stone. This type of countertop can be the focal point of a kitchen, an excellent conversation starter, and a way to educate others on sustainable materials.

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