The Hottest Countertops Ideas for 2020

A new year, a new decade, and new ideas are hitting the countertop design world. If you are looking to build or remodel your home along with the trends of 2020, we have got you covered. Use these hottest countertops ideas for 2020 to make your home one of the trendiest of the year!



Granite has been one of the top choices for countertops for years, with quartz following close behind. However, in 2020, quartz is rising to first place. While it may be expensive, quartz is worth the investment. Unlike granite, quartz is not porous, meaning that it won’t absorb the liquids that can lead to staining and bacteria. Instead, that liquid slicks right off and is easy to clean up. In addition, quartz is highly durable; it is heat, scratch, and chip resistant. Add in the ability to have a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishing techniques, and you have the perfect countertop that looks like natural stone! 



For those looking to take their homes off the beaten path, they can choose to pursue an industrial style design. Lending to that industrial design is concrete countertops. Concrete can have a variety of textures, patterns, colors, and designs. Unlike most stone, you can choose to shape your countertop however you want to get the perfect design and a unique look that is solely yours!



While some may still enjoy the pure white color that gives that classy look, the hottest countertops of 2020 have character. Modern technology allows for countertop materials to be designed with natural looks veins and fascinating patterns while still upholding that natural stone look. This bit of flair adds character to the countertop and the home’s appearance as a whole!



Anything that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint will lead to a better environment for us and future generations, and that extends to the materials that we choose for our homes. Countertop materials made from fly ash, recycled paper, white cement, or recycled glass help the environment and add a unique look to your home. Plus, you can spread the message to others about environmentally friendly choices every time someone comes over for dinner!


Soft Tones

For many years, the art deco style was all the rage. That trend has now slid out of popularity, and 2020 is about soft tones. Relaxing, neutral tones provide a laid-back atmosphere that is beloved by the hustle and bustle of today’s world. Instead of bright colors, you will find soft grey, beige, and eggshell tones for the countertops. This doesn’t mean that today’s kitchens are devoid of color; it means that the soft tones of the countertops are usually paired with colorful backsplashes, cabinets, or floor tiles! 

Now that you know what is hot for 2020, you can get in contact with your local countertop installation companies for a consultation. Make your countertops dreams a reality today!

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