Whether you own a restaurant, flower shop, or metalworking business, you are likely going to need room to work. Countertops are a key feature in nearly every industry because they provide space to create your masterpiece. Choosing an industrial countertop for your business can be a challenge, so here is what we recommend you consider. 


One of the first aspects you should consider when choosing an industrial countertop for your business is the design that you will need. Is it going to be the centerpiece location to set the product, or will it be hidden in the back? If your countertop is going to be front and center, you will want the style to mesh well with the aesthetic of your business, including the shape, color, size, and more. However, if your countertop is hidden where no one will see it, you will likely want something functional and straightforward to get the job done.


Once you understand the design you are going to need, consider what you will be doing on the countertop. If you are planning on using your countertop as the center of your labor, you don’t want to worry about messing it up. Choose a material that is durable enough to withstand your business, whether it is hot pans, sharp tools, or just a consistent beating. 


There is a vast array of countertops materials available, so choosing one can be a challenge. However, when it comes to choosing the right countertop for your business, durability and functionality are key. Concrete and stainless steel countertops have been the top choice for industrial countertops for decades. Concrete comes in unlimited colors, shapes, and sizes and is nearly indestructible, whereas stainless steel is heat-resistant, non-porous, and looks better once it is all scratched up. If these two options don’t work for you, there are plenty of other choices available; it all depends on your wants and business needs. 


When creating a business, a lot of money gets poured into its creation. That can often lead to wanting to cut corners wherever possible, but your countertops should not be one of them. When determining a business or remodel budget, make sure to include enough for high-quality countertops and installation. Going the cheap route now will just cost you more in the end when you have to get the countertops replaced much sooner than anticipated. 

Consult a Specialist

Speaking with a countertop specialist will provide you with an experienced perspective from an expert who understands the business world’s ins and outs. Countertop specialists can advise you on what design will suit your space, what durability you will need, and the material that is right for you while working within your price range. Call your local countertop specialist today for a consultation and get started on making your business an even greater success.

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