Whether renovating an existing kitchen or designing a brand new home, choosing a kitchen countertop is a big decision. You will likely have that kitchen countertop in your home for the next ten to twenty years, so we want to ensure that you consider it carefully. To do so, we have provided a few ideas to ponder before making a decision.

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What to Consider Before Choosing Kitchen Countertops

1. Functionality

What do you plan on using your kitchen countertops for? While you may think this is obvious, cooking, there is more to it than that. Any many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the action. It is essential to look back on how you use your kitchen countertops. Was it just for cooking? Or was it also a place for arts and crafts, a dining location, a gathering spot for parties, or a key space for seasonal decorating?

2. Durability

Speaking of functionality, it is critical to estimate how much use and damage your countertops will endure. If you have a house with a couple of rambunctious children, you likely want to choose a heartier countertop material that can withstand abuse and cooking mistakes. However, if you live in a home where such events are unlikely to occur, you could choose a more delicate material.

3. Size

The next aspect to consider is size. How much space do you have in your kitchen for countertops? Do you have a small galley kitchen or an ample open area with lots of countertop space and even an island? The countertops’ size will help you determine what you need in the following categories.

4. Style

As we said before, the kitchen is often the heart of the home, which means it is a critical component of your home’s aesthetic. If you are simply replacing your countertops, you will want to ensure that your new design matches your current style.

However, if you are starting from scratch, you will want to critically think about how your kitchen and your countertops will play into your home’s overall style. We do want to caution homeowners to think long-term. While trending countertop styles are fun, you don’t want them to become outdated. Instead, we recommend choosing a classic, neutral style that you can modify with decorations, funky towels, or replaceable backsplash to keep with the current trends.

5. Maintenance

As a homeowner, you are responsible for all of the maintenance in your house, including your countertops. Some countertops require more maintenance and cleaning than others. For example, some wood countertops need regularly polishing. Before choosing a countertop material, we recommend thoroughly assessing what it will require from you and if you are willing to be consistent with it.

6. Cost

Lastly, we have to talk about money! Obviously, some countertops are more expensive than others. Before falling in love with a specific style or material, we recommend assessing your budget to see what is within your price range.

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